Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Total Bullshit!

OMFG! I was just browsing a copy of October issue of Hispanic Business magazine at my local independent bookseller (I can't stand those corporate book super stores even though I need those bastards). The issue features the top 100 Hispanic influentials and I can't fucking believe they left me off the list.

Adding insult to injury the had another fiction author on there. Some bitch by the name of Michele Martinez. Well, screw that shit! Don't these people know that according to Time magazine I, The Reina Dirty, am one the 25 most influential Hispanics in the country? That's right fuckfaces, twenty-fucking-five. So how is it possible that I don't appear in Hispanic Business' list of 100? I bet that Michele Martinez gives good head. In fact, I bet that's how she beat me onto that list. If they would have just told me who I needed to blow to get on that list I would have done it gladly.

Now I'm going to have to unleash my army of readers on Hispanic Business magazine. Ladies I need you to start a letter-writing campaign about this outrage. I expect a full apology for overlooking my status as an influential and I expect my picture to be published. I don't care who they remove from their list but my preference would be that cocksucker Martinez.

Don't let me down girls, I'm counting on you!

Not Alisa.

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Anonymous said...

Michele sounds cool.