Saturday, September 02, 2006

What's the big deal about sports?

I never understood why men enjoy sports so much. What's this obsession with "winning"? It sounds like an excuse for homoerotic behavior if you ask me. Have you seen when the coaches pat the players on their cute asses? Like I said it's either a pretext for latent homosexuality or some Neanderthal instinct. Well, no man is going hit me with a club and carry me back to his cave to watch ESPN on his 50" TV. Can you say "compensating"?

As for me, I don't see what the big deal is. I never rooted for my high school football team when I was a band geek playing the saxophone like Lisa Simpson. The only thing I root for is the complete defeat of the U.S. in Iraq. It's time we left those poor people alone to rape and kill each other.


Not Alisa Lynn Valdes-Rodriguez


Anonymous said...

It's spelled saxophone, not saxaphone, you illiterate putz.

not Leo Rosten

not Alisa said...

They didn't teach me to spell in journalism school, sorry.

Anonymous said...

while i'm sure alisa has had juicy topics in the past, overall it's kinda boring for a parody.

not alisa - may i suggest a new parody blog of another even more annoying, navel-gazing cubanita-americanita?


this dudette is so damn full of himself, i bet you'd have a field day with him!! you'd my hero to spoof him, i'd worship you! you can call it, "not perez".

think about it, k?

Anonymous said...

not Alisa said...

I've heard of that queer. Why don't you start a parody of him?


Not Alisa

Patrick said...

Someone once did a parody of my blog. It was actually kind of strange because I learned more about myself from the parody than from my own blog.

Bruce Dickinson said...

Did you know that The first usage of the word parody in English was cited in "Every Man in His Humour" by Ben Johnson in 1598.

Eh, these parodies are all good and fun, but I'd rather be back at the bar having a beer with Norm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cliffy.

jay and silent bob said...

Take this site down, right now, or everyone in here will DIE!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna put a new post on here or what?