Monday, August 07, 2006

Still Stateside

Hey Chicas,

Just wanted to let you know that I pulled the plug on my Ireland trip. I just had a horrible vision of an extended transatlantic flight with a snotty 5-year old in tow. Besides nothing in Ireland is appealing to me. I mean what am I going to do, down a few pints of Guinness with a fine Irish lad and then where am I going to take him? To my room, so the kid can wonder who the hell his mommy is playing "hide the salami" with now? No Chicas, I do have SOME self respect. So I decided to hang around in the States, even though the place makes me sick with George W. Hitler in charge. Maybe I'll call Luis Andrade up and see if he's free for a little wine and poetry (wink, wink).

Hasta la pasta!

not Alisa Lynn Valdes (formerly not Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez)


Anonymous said...

It's spelled Guinness, not Guiness.

-not the copy editor

Anonymous said...

Ah shucks...I was hoping you'd make it out to the homeland. You'd of met your true motherland unlike that Hispanic crap in Cuba. Try in come before the little rat starts school. We'll show you around.


Not the IRA

Anonymous said...

ahhh - good ol' Luis - I wonder what ever happened to him?


not J said...

Damn! this is funny - It is amazing what you know. Are you sure this is not, not AVR?

not J

Anonymous said...

Luis! That's a GREAT guess! He's a writer and he's married...hmmmmmm.