Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thanks for having my espalda chicas

I just want to make a "shout out" to all the sucia on my yahoo group who were defending me against the forces of parody. I mean anyone who would parody me, best selling author Alisa Lynn Valdes (formerly Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez) and one of Time Magazine's 25 most influential Hispanics must have issues of his/her own.

I don't think this parody of my life is funny at all. You know what I really hate? I hate the fact that I can't post rants about things like my ex-husband anymore because some asshole will copy it and bring it back to life long after I have cooled down and deleted all traces of my impulsive, childish behavior.

I mean I don't want someone documenting every idiotic move I make like going off to New Jersey to have an affair with a married man and almost getting myself killed by his jealous wife. Or taking back my cheating husband after swearing off him for good and writing a long sappy poem to celebrate the occasion.

So thanks chicas your mindless support makes it all worthwhile. After all your adoration is the only reason I do anything, that and of course the money to buy designer handbags.

-not Alisa Lynn Valdes (formerly not Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez)


Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain, right here in my stomach. Don't let that fake website bring you down, my Cubana sistah. Keep it real.

Not Fidel Castro

Oh...and thanks for the flowers and the book. I didn't know "Dirty Girls" was in Spanish?!

Anonymous said...

That should be chicas, not chica's. There's no apostrophe.

-not the copy editor

not an Alisa fan said...

You are evil. Do you have nothing better to do in your life than satirize the blog of a really cool person and writer. So sad, so sad. Do you even have any friends? LOSER!

Anonymous said...

This blog really disturbs me. Whoever is doing this is almost as bad as all the people who are leaving comments. All of you...come help me run my island and get a life!

Not Raul Castro

Anonymous said...

I have a question...why don't er have a Not Sucias yahoo group? I would join...

Not Hugo Chavez

Anonymous said...

i love this blog!!!

self-loathing right wing miami cuban piglet said...

Listen sugah! If you have traveled Europe, then you know that the Europeans are very sophisticated in their thinking and politics. The first question after the 2000 election, was what the deal with those crazy Cubans. Even in the former communist nations such as Romania, they shake their heads in utter digust at the Cuban "exiles." Note: i call them cuban "exiles" and not cuban americans, because they put cuba first, and america second. Nevertheless, the Cuban "exiles" right wing pivotal vote in 2000 has taken America in permanent decline. Why? To avenge Elian Gonzales.

Now the question is, will the cuban "exiles" return to Cuba, once Fidel is gone? Or is all the cuban exile foaming at the mouth rhetoric was just been simply bullshit.