Thursday, August 24, 2006


Since I'm always trying to be trendy and since I'm fine tuning the garbage I write for teens, that are even more gullible and insecure than the emotional wrecks that read my old work, I'm going to be moving to myspace in the near future. After all there's no better way for a 37 year old woman to feel young again than to write on a web site designed for 13 year old girls and the pedophiles that seek them.

All I have to do now is figure out how that whole "friends" thing works. I've heard that word before but I'm not sure about the concept. I don't have friends. There's only two types of people in my book: assholes that help me and assholes that can't. If you're on of the latter you better get the hell out of my way before I call my attorneys.


Certainly NOT Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez


foodkitty said...

Hi Not Alisha
I think the way myspace works best is if you use the words 'vunerable' and 'virgin' a bit. 'My parents don't understand me" seems a good opener too

Anonymous said...

Y'all are killing me! Myspace? Are you kidding?

not Alisa said...

Yes I'm kidding.

Desiree said...

Emotional wrecks huh? Thanks a bunch jerk(the truth hurts).You could leave out the cheap shots against the emotional wrecks that read her work, what do you have against us?

Anonymous said...

Awww, c'mon, Desiree, you may be an emotional wreck but at least you are light years ahead of Reina Dirty in pure prettiness. Was that you at the Hyatt, by the way? I hope you ordered caviar-style room service.

Desiree said...

Damn stalker! I specifically left my blogger address out of my comment so you wouldn't go back and read the proof that I am indeed an emotional wreck. Geez.

At the Hyatt when? You think I stalk Alisa too? Um, NO.

Wait, who's the anonymous sissy?

Anonymous said...

Oh we've known about you for years, Desiree, we followed the flirty comments from Patrick Jason and discovered how they'd landed on your blog for years.

We like you, Desiree, you have charm and make us laugh - (and unlike Not Alisa) we laugh with you, not at you.

Anonymous said...

Who says you're a stalker, Desiree? We think PJ came after you, not the other way around, that's the theory around here!

not Alisa said...

C'mon Des, When are you going to put The Reina Dirty on your blogroll?

You know you love it, emotional wreck or not.

desiree said...

Who's "WE" and what do you mean "around here". This is like, a GROUP project? Hmmm. Sounds familiar.

Who the heck is this?

I know you don't I?

And PJ did NOT come after me. There was no flirting, only boredom, HULLOOOO. He commented on other peoples pages too. No one made a big deal out of that.

I AM pretty charming ha?

Kidding. :D

I can admit that I was slightly entertained by this blog before, but lately....meh.

desiree said...

Not Alisa, who says you can call me "Des" anyway? Only my friends call me Des.

Anonymous said...

PJ's blog.

desiree said...

anonymous, you're lame. PJ WHO?

That's it. I'm done wasting work time being nosey.

Stop being a little sissy-lala and say who you are.

Anonymous said...

There can only be ONE Reina Dirty, Des. The rest of us are just commentators out here in the peanut gallery same as you.

Be one of us! ;D

desiree said...

First of all what were you talking about when you said was that me at the Hyatt?

Second, if you know me, why aren't you saying who you are?

Anonymous said...

Desiree: See this parody post here:

Anonymous said...

Patrick's real blog: