Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Uncle Fidel!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish my Uncle Fidel a happy 80th birthday. I was speaking to Cindy Sheehan tonight and she sends you her best too. Daddy has been really depressed since you got sick and all those psychos in Miami started celebrating. I really don't like Uncle Raul too much, especially since he fondled me that time he was drunk (when isn't he?)

So get well soon and show those Nazi terrorists in Miami that you are still capable of ordering many more firing squad executions. I hate guns but I think they are sexy in a "bad boy" kind of way when wielded by Leftist stormtroopers. By the way if you need someone to help you clean out your colostomy bag let me know. I can send my Mexican maid over there to do it.

Many Hugs and Kisses,

NOT Alisa Lynn Valdes


IRENE R. JASSO said...

ok..Not's not nice to try to fool mother nature..I'm not sure that I really like your blogg are a little too vicious. Keep it lite and funny, I think that's the way the Real Alisa is..maybe a little over the top..but I gave her a pass because she is a latina..

You say you may not be a Man..whatever..are you a true latina-o?I don't think so or you would not be sooo disrespectful of your "Mexican" inference...too bad cause I was really beginning to like your blogg..Are you Jealous or something??

I don't envy your "Cave "experience...see the "analogy of the Cave"Philosphy 101" you must have been brought up with so much hate..and it is now coming out in your writing..

Since I never give up on anyone..there is hope for you too!Take care and God Bless.

Peace, Irene R.Jasso

Anonymous said...

Irene; check out some of alisa's own writings on Mexicans and her contempt for them. It's quite real. She's since learned to use La Raza politics to her own career advantage with all her phony 'mi gente' talk, but go read her earlier writings - you will learn she was persecuted by Chicano militants as a girl, hates the respect that is given to Eduardo Olmos, really hates the farmworker heritage of Mexicans - right there along with the people in it - and has a special - and unnatural - despising for Our Lady Of Guadalupe and anyone who revers her. That's the real Alisa, based on the evidence we've got from her own writings, but if you asked her that point blank, she would, like a klansman (part of her self-vaunted New Orleans White Trash Heritage) would deny having that kind of racism. Doesn't matter, she's left plenty of evidence lying around about it in her earlier writings. Check out her resignation letter for a taste of it, but there is plenty more than just that. This is not a lighthearted person as you seem to imagine - it's someone quite self-centered, self-absorbed, self-regarding and rather evil.

Not Jacob Medina said...

Okay Not Alisa,

You closed comments on the last post. Probably because of 'Jacob Medina.' It is kind of funny that 'Jacob' would list a name and yet, there is no link to his blog site.

Hopefully you have some kind of tracking device and can cross check IP addresses against the time 'Jacob's' posts arrived.

Now, regarding those 'Psychology 101 bitch' and 'Jake's' challenges for you not to be a pussy' remarks; Jacob is too much of a pussy him/herself to be honest about who she or he really is. Could it be Alisa by proxy? Hell, maybe it's even that weirdo faux journalist who has been living off her all these years. Now that's a strange relationship!

Oh well. I really like the spoofing and you make some hilarious points. She is an easy target.

Keep up the good work whoever you are.

Not Jacob Medina

not a NOT alisa fan said...

really starting to get boring. I liked the blog better, before I knew it was a stay at home mom with an unhappy marriage. yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwn.

Anonymous said...

"stay at home mom with an unhappy marriage"

.....that kinda sounds like the life the real Alisa has been living for most of this year. I've been following her blogs for just over a year now. She is everything you have said she is and probably worse. I enjoy this parody, it's never boring. I say keep it up!

"Mr. Medina" is probably the queen herself, or her ex-husband. Right about now he is probably wanting to borrow that Lexus he used to drive.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. She'll spoon-feed you pablum, thinking you'll actually be interested. She thinks you're a moron. She thinks that of all her readers in fact. She'll dish you up a lot of that mush.

Until, over some trivial thing, she once again explodes.

Jacob Medina said...

Alright. You've seen my (hyper) link, now show me yours.

C'mon, bust it out so that we can see who has the biggest one.

IRENE R. JASSO said...

Dear Anonymous: If what you say is true about the real Alisa..boy have I been fooled..It won't be the first time or the last..Thank you for your info..

I guess I could just thank Alisa and Lou Dobbs (Lou Doubter) for the immigration debate..which would never have come to the forefront if not for them..possibly..

It's just too bad that those in power don't have the "cajones"(however you spell it) to pass a law that will benefit all of us. We all know who really carries the water in the USA..

With all the hate mongering in the USA against our neighbors "mexicans" it's no wonder that the rest of the world views us with distrust.

Since you know so much about Mexican History(which has been carefully suppressed in our schools!)is it not true that the Original Texans (those Americans who settled in old Mexico in the 1800's) had to denounce their American Citizenship in order to be granted Mexican property??

Why doesn't anyone talk about that??Then mysteriously, after Gold was discovered in California, and Oil was discovered in Texas, there was a war with Mexico...

I have never gotten a response to these questions and I bet I will never get a true response from you..why do you not print your name or even make one up??

Peace, Irene R. Jasso

not Alisa said...


your profile has aexactly as much information on it as mine.