Monday, November 20, 2006

Solving my problems

Girls, I’ve finally decided to stop being a victim and take control of my life. Sometimes you have to look long and hard in the mirror and then take the bull by the horns. So I’ve resolved to do just that. Here’s what I’m doing:

1. Lagging book sales and bad reader reviews: Well, who says they are all bad? In fact there’s some very positive reviews popping on the Barnes & Noble web site as quickly as I can write them. It’s actually a good outlet for me, a creative exercise. I come up with new names and different (but positive) takes on the book and post them.

2. Man troubles: I finally realized that liberal men are pussies. I mean what difference does it make if I agree with them politically if they are all queers? I’ve decided that when it comes to sex, politics doesn’t matter to me anymore. Something about being in the strong arms of a man that’s sure he is right (even if he is wrong), really gets me wet. What I need right now (especially since I’m looking and feeling so hot) is one of those macho right-wingers like Val Prieto. God I hate him, God I love him!

That’s it girls, that’s all the advice I can give you today. Don’t like what your critics say, then be your own critic. And if you're lonely find yourself a Neanderthal to drag you back to his cave, you won’t regret it.


Not Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! It's all about the money honey.


Anonymous said...

Well, you know what I always wondered, where did she get the idea for the DGSC? It's so easy to figure the research...and google "six latinas". hmm...

Anonymous said...

AVR stole the concept for her first book. Do your research and you will it. I know first hand.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised. On one of her blog entries, she openly defended plagiarism.

the ex-husband said...

Cat fight! Reeeeeeeeeeeer.