Friday, August 18, 2006

Don't hate me because I'm crazy...

Hate me because I'm perfectionistic [sic]

Definitely NOT Alisa


IRENE R. JASSO said...

Dear guys are too much..I love reading all your stuff..even if it is kinda nutty..It is really cool to know that I am not the only one who thinks and lives outside the "box"..It just confirms for is such a "Joke" I laugh at life all the time, at myself mostly..I have screwed up royally! so judgemental, suspicious, worked 24/7 missed my kids growing up,but Thank God and my "Gente", they are 3 wonderful and talented Human Beings!In spite of Me!

In any case I have been reading the stuff you have on your links and it is truly amazing..It's great to see the discourse..Like I said before I am so glad that "Being Latino" illegal or NOT is now on the agenda..

Maybe the Best American Ingenuity will prevail..along with the Greatness that our Founding Fathers envisioned..and our Latino Fathers Died and were wounded on the 105 Battle Fields for.."Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

Although AVR may show need to overacheive or overreact..when it comes to the "Latina" issue..I do think many of us can relate..and we do have a thirst for Positive Stereotypes, and role Models.. which some may or may not understand to be lacking in the mainstream media..

It's not good for morale to constantly be viewing persons of your heritage to be jumping over fences at "Todays border with Mexico" as if they were vermin and need to be exterminated or kept away!!
It's not good for the Psyche!Especially the young..whose perception is colored by images more than most realize.
Thank goodness for visionaries like Walt Disney, Thomas Alba Edison and too many to mention at this time. They did not allow their Latino heritage to cloud their image of themselves! Genius has a way of doing that.
Peace, Irene R. Jasso

Anonymous said...

Crazy? Nah! However I do think you have no sense of loyalty. C'mon, not singing your school's fight song b/c you think you should sing your competitors'? And you have no sense of passion towards Cuba that's true, but not voicing your contempt pretty much lines you up with those who agree of prefer to look the other way and ignore.

Your ideas are not confusing to me, they are however non-comparables, and downright insulting sometimes. Really, Bush and Castro? One is a war, the other just killed them to kill the opposition. Besides last I checked insurgents were the ones killing the civilians, even if it is a situation created by Bush. What about all the balseros? They are on Castro's hands too.

And your strife with the Miami Cubans b/c of threats from ONE militant group is prejudicial - you are lumping everyone behind the actions of a single human, of a singe organization.

People denounce what they are passionate about; it is clear that Cuban Americans are as passionate about denouncing Castro - a passion you constantly mock - yet it is the same passion you exhibit denouncing Bush and the War in Iraq. Go Figure.

Crazy? Nah.

not Alisa said...

You don't get it. It's not up to me to find out what's important to other people and why. It's up to them to find out what's important to me. Me, me, me! The whole world revolves around me and what I want it to revolve around. Everyone else has the problem not me.