Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Maybe I was hasty?

Maybe I was just a little hasty in removing the comment function from this blog. It's just that these nazi Cuban-American types keep harrassing me. Now they are all out there defending Israel, puke. As far as I'm concerned the only contributions the Jews have made are in the deli arena. But I much prefer good old middle-eastern hummus. Anyway I removed the comments and I don't really regret it because let's face it you gals are no mensa candidates. I mean I know I'm narcissistic but I really don't need a bunch of high school dropouts GED graduates telling me shit I already know like "You're the best Alisa," or "You are so beautiful, chica." God I regret the day I started that "Chica" bullshit. Makes my gag reflex work more than my bulimia did. Besides I don't need you gals anymore because I'm writing for teens and teens don't look at web sites anymore, it's so passe. They're too busy texting to look at this dreck.

TOK 2 U LTR...

or maybe I won't, bitches.

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