Monday, June 19, 2006


Who the fuck is this prick, to call my work a pandemic?

Well, we'll see what's what. I have a feeling that there's going to be a character in my next book very similar to one Russell Contreras.

Not Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez


Anonymous said...

Hey Sucia:

I think it's a conspiracy against you by the Bush adminstration and the Miami Cuban American mafia that dictates US policy in the Americas - they are afraid of strong Latina women like you who, shop at Prada, drink at Starbucks, vote progressive, wear high heels, garter belts, and could talk global politics at the same time.

You go sucia!

Anonymous said...

You really need a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alisa chica!

Maybe you can write about this below in your new book? Maybe work it in there? I mean, we know that life is about good bubbly and nice high heels but we must educate on other topics like nazis and the Miami connection.

Don't you know that during WW2 a great majority of white aristocratic Cubans traveled to Nazi Germany and begged the Nazi butchers in Berlin to create a division comprised of rich light skinned Cuban aristos? This elite de corps murder unit at its height comprised of about 5000 heavily armed Cuban men, with a small tank division, and an air wing and it was dubbed Crusaders of Tourquemada after the sadistically Spanish Roman Catholic persecutor of Jews and free thinkers. This criminal enterprise was subsidized with about an additional 1000 men who had fought for Franco's fascists in Spain and promptly joined the Nazis when all the communists were eradicated in Spain. This division fought savagely for Hitler as hard line commandos usually parachuted into Russia or North Africa and also as undercover spies sabotaging strategic targets in the American mainland. After the war, those Nazi Cuban renegade units that were not killed or POWs went on to fight for the French Foreign Legion in Indo China, many joined the Spanish Foreign Legion in service to Franco, or went on to form a Petrorian Guard for Chilean butcher Pinochet. A platoon of Cuban Nazis also went to South Africa to train and fight for the white ruled Affrikkaners in setting up illegal white only "homelands or ethnic enclaves". Small units of the remaining Nazi Cuban commandos also joined Batista's security apparatus and had an important role to play in creating the CIA funded CANF in Miami.

Anonymous said...

That dude Russell is cool. And he was fair. He called chica lit a "phenomenon" and/or a "pandemic," which means he was getting both sides. He probably won't appear in any book either because he's not the type to date skanks. The dude is more in touch with the Sandra Cisneros types. But then again...junk is junk.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the best subversive site I've ever stumbled upon. Whoever is putting it togethert is awesome. Keep it up.

Not Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Anonymous said...

Stop it. You're hurting me. I can't stop laughing. (No...please...more postings!)

Not Sandra Cisneros

Anonymous said...

Sorry Not Alisa,

I'm been falling back on my reading. I'll make sure to get your latest book when I get the chance. Still going through orientation up here, as you might imagine. Don't listen to those who say you are setting back the women's movement back 50 years or so. Thirty, maybe, but 50, no.

Keep it up!

Not Gloria Anzaldua

Anonymous said...

Alisa who?

Not Zoe Valdes