Friday, May 19, 2006

Why me?

Hey chicas,

As you know I'm in Miami Beach for my Chica-lit festival. There's one problem though. My little weekend of festivities coincides with some lame ass event called Cuba Nostalgia. Now THAT audience and mine share nothing in common. They are a bunch of right wing Nazis who wish they had a Batista type in power today instead of the Maximum Leader, Fidel Castro and my Chicas are progessive types that know that all the misery in the world is being directly caused by the imperialistic ambitions of the United States of America. But the idea that I would be in town while all those older Cuban men are pal-ing around, slapping backs and smoking cigars (what's with the oral fixation, anyway?) makes me want to puke up my starbuck Venti non-fat soy latte frapuccino.

Oh I'm sure that annoying Cubanazo, Val Prieto, will be there with his army of mindless clones. At least I'll be enjoying myself with my own army of mindless clones.


not Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

PS: If I haven't said it lately, go out and BUY MY FUCKING BOOK NOW!


La Queen Dirty's father said...

Cuban American Mafiosi had John Lennon killed

Cuban American Mafiosi had John Lennon killed as a favor to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party. As we all know, Richard Nixon had a personal vendetta with John Lennon and Yoko Ono due to the pair’s successful anti war protesting during the Vietnam War. So damaging was Lennon’s anti war activities that the FBI had amassed volumes of records on his activities. Furthermore, the Nixon administration tried unsuccessfully to deport Lennon back to the United Kingdom many times on trumped up drug and treason charges.

In the groundbreaking website, “The truth about John Lennon’s Murder” it states:

“That Richard Nixon tried to deport John Lennon in the 70’s is a known fact. John’s peace activism and lyrical barbs at “Tricky Dicky” and his perhaps-unparalleled worldwide appeal made John a target.”

Due to the immense popularity of the Beatles and Lennon it was virtually impossible to do anything legal in order to persecute the pioneering peace activist. Enter the exiled Cuban aristo mafia from Miami to come to Nixon’s rescue. The Cuban Americans, one of the most reactionary conservative elements since the birth of fascism also had plenty reason to kill Lennon. Prominent aristo Cuban American leaders and clergy from Miami were incensed at the incredible power the Beatles and Lennon held over the American youth and pop culture. The recently arrived Cuban gangster in Miami could not understand how a band of English musicians could revolutionize music and bring young women to fits of screaming hysteria that resembled sexual climax. Many of the young offspring’s belonging to the Cuban aristos were radically taken by the sway of the Beatles and the 1960s pop revolution. This was too much for the reactionary Cuban parents to bear. Where in Cuba children and young people lived a very repressed existence at the mercy and whims of their strict Catholic parents, the freedoms granted in the United States of the 1960s were so intense that many Cuban aristo youngsters defected from their parents criminal and corrupt ways and embraced the counter culture of drugs, rock and roll and sexual experimentation. Pretty soon the former docile and submissive Cuban aristo children were talking back to their parents as well as questioning the moral and political obsessions of their parents. Many Cuban youths began to follow the Beatles, and pretty soon a hippie sub culture formed amongst Cuban exiled youth – some even returning to the new revolutionized Cuba of their reactionary parent’s nightmares.

Because of this cultural malady amongst exiled aristo youth a secret meeting was held at the infamous Cuban mafia’s Big Five country club in Miami. In attendance were the top heads of all the Cuban exiled criminal families as well as operative from the Cuban Catholic Church and members of the Cuban Nazi party, the Cuban KKK, and Nazi mind control doctors flown in from Argentina just for the occasion. At this meeting it was agreed that the Cuban families would pay the Nazi scientists and their henchmen one million dollars to kidnap and reprogram those Cuban youths that had become hippies, left home to live in communes, and had freaked out from the easy access to drugs. Furthermore the sexists and anti-Semitic Cuban Catholics were outraged that many of their prettiest daughters had run away from home to live in communes or San Francisco, had changed their names to Sunshine or Nova, and had decided to live in sin with hippie Jewish men who smoked hashish and practiced meditation. – These young Cuban females were bred to marry rich and produce many male sons. They were considered the crem dela crem in Cuban society and slated for the choicest of arranged marriages within Miami Society to ensure pure white offsprings for future generation of Cubans. The violence began when the girls were apprehended back to Miami by the Nazi bounty hunters and the Jewish boyfriends were tracked down and executed, thrown out of hotel windows, or given lethal doses of LSD.

At the Big Five meeting it was also determined that the pop music industry was responsible for the ruin of Cuban aristo youth, and as revenge a Mafia like pledge was made to track down all the most famous musicians of the day and terminate them. It was thought amongst the aristo Cubans that Elvis Presley bought sexual perversion to America followed by the flooding of drugs by the Beatles. The mission proposed at the Big Five was not only to save their wayward children but a crusade to save the soul of America – the America that had opened the doors to the Cuban aristos fleeing from the communism they were so obsessed about. The Cuban aristos also looked at Rock and Roll and the 1960s youth culture as a conspiracy by Satanists, the Soviets and Castro to pervert the youth of America and eventually the soul of the whole nation.

The noted Rock and Roll reporter/photographer Marsha Lebowitz and author of the groundbreaking PBS 1973 documentary “Cuban Americans and the Day the Music Died” has noted that on a sultry summer night, May 20 1968, as rum and cigars were freely consumed, it was decided by a cabal of the most violent and corrupt Cuban families in Miami that a program of revenge and terror would be unleashed on the Rock and Roll establishment that tainted the former “Father Knows Best” Cuban youth of the 1950s. Dr. Lebowitz a victim of Cuban American violence herself (she was almost gang raped and set up to police in Hoboken New Jersey in 1976) has stated that an enemies list was drawn up by the Cubans and that it was decided who in the Rock and Roll community would live or die. The CIA gladly lent a hand, and was quickly included in all the assassination plots.

A brief list of famous rock starts killed by the Cuban American Mafia:

1.Brian Jones killed 7-3-1969 Rolling Stones made to look like he drowned.
2. Jack Kerouac killed 10-21-1969 (culturally ignorant Cuban Americans mistook him for a Rock star)
3.Jimi Hendrix killed 9-18-1970 Asphyxiated on his vomit after ingesting a heavy dose of barbiturates which was force fed by CIA agents on a tip off by Cuban informers.
4. Janis Joplin- killed 10-4-1970 Heroin overdose by force.
5. Jim Morrison The Lizard King - killed 7-3-1971 – Drowned in bath tub tracked down to Paris France by Nazis and Cuban Mafia operatives.
6. Jim Croce Died 9-20-1973 - Plane crash (typical Cuban Mafia assassination technique)
7.Mama Cass Eliot 1974 chocked on a Cuban ham sandwich.
8. Elvis Aron Presley- The King Of Rock - Died 8-16-1977 – drug overdose slipped into one of his fried banana sandwiches.

Although it took years to track the stars down and eventually kill them the Cuban aristos never gave up and they scored their biggest hits with the killings of Elvis and John Lennon.

After the war in Vietnam had finished a CIA communiqué was given to the Big Five Commission in Miami concerning John Lennon. Although Lennon and all the Beatles were targets, around 1976 the CIA became concerned with Lennon’s anti nuke and Central American activities. It was believed by the CIA that Lennon had a connection in Havana and who better to take on the job of getting rid of him but the Cuban aristos. With his Vietnam protests finished it was said that Lennon was to start a new campaign – one to help Dr. Castro and bring the plight of the Cuban nation to world attention thus ending the cruel US blockade on the peaceful island. Richard Nixon also leant a hand and from his headquarters in California - he finally plotted his revenge on the man that made life impossible for him during Vietman.

Finally in December 8, 1980 with the help of a recluse named Mark Chapman who the Cubans brainwashed with psychotropic drugs, Lennon was shot and killed outside his Manhattan apartment building. His loyal wife Yoko Ono held Lennon while he slipped away. Actually two people killed Lennon on that day and it is said that horror novelist Stephan King was also a trigger man in the pay of the Ronald Reagan White House security staff. Reagan a fellow Californian like Nixon also wanted Lennon dead and Reagan made it easier for the Cubans to hunt down Lennon. Reagan gave the Cuban killers logistics and money as a thank you to them for stealing the election in South Florida thus helping Reagan beat Jimmy Carter.

For more info see:

It’s no wonder that Lennon was a great help to the altruistic revolution of Dr. Castro. Dr. Castro, a noted authority on all types of music was said to be a big Beatles fan and when hearing about Lennon’s death at the hand of the Miami Mafia was deeply saddened by the passing of his great friend and fishing buddy. Years later the revolutionary spirit of Lennon is celebrated in Cuba by a life like statue of the artist in a Havana park open to all Cubans. But the violence still continues and to demonstrate the sick obsession the Cuban Mafia has with champions of freedom like Lennon, to this day the Lennon statue has been vandalized by operatives of the CANF and ALPHA66 who frequently raid Cuba secretly and cause untold death and violence via Miami.

Pastors for Peace said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Expose their Nazi Pinochet loving asses. Cuba Nostalgia was an excuse - a front to make much needed money for the Nazi aristos in Miami. You see the narco traffic businesses the Cuban American gangsters set up with Ollie North and the CIA during the adminstration of Ronald Rayguns have been losing money because during the Clinton adminstration Janet Reno clamped down heavily on their election stealing confederate loving asses! So now that they can't sell too much crack to poor blacks in the American inner cities as contractors in a CIA plot - they hold things like "Cuba Nostalgia" to pay for their daughters Sweet 15 parties or to bribe the Checklsovacs to say good things about them in the United Nations. Don't you know that Cuban American money is the Nazi gold of the 21st century?

Anonymous said...

Bush and Miami Mafia created Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a man made disaster created by the Bush administration and powerful hard-line Miami Cuban American Mafiosi for the sole purpose of revenge and genocide. Miami Cuban Americans along with the CIA worked hand in hand to create the greatest disaster the American South has seen. Thought by all to be a natural disaster, Katrina was a man made weapon of mass destruction carefully planned and used by the Bush administration and its Cuban American minions. It has been proven many times that Cuban Americans are the ones who stole two elections in South Florida for the Bush crime family, so it comes to no surprise that the Miami mafia was behind Katrina and the black genocide that followed.

Why do you think the peaceful island of Cuba is always being hit by lethal hurricanes? Is it a coincidence or an act of God? No, it is not a coincidence, and the Cuban American mafia with the support of the CIA is behind hurricanes directed at Cuba that annually kill and destroy thousands of brown-skinned people, and billions of dollars in infrastructure. Soon after Fidel Castro became Cuba’s president and all the rich white Batista dictatorship plantation owners, along with the prostitutes and gangsters were expelled from the island, a top secret cabal of criminal minds met in Santiago de Chile at the invitation of the fascist General Augosto Pinochet. Present at this convocation of terror were Cuban Mafiosi, Grand Wizards of the American and Cuban KKK, American gangland elements angry at their losses in Cuba, ex Gestapo men, Nazi scientists from Hitler’s terror weapons programs, white Rhodesian mercenaries, Corsican under world figures, expelled Trotskyite party members angry at the Soviet Union, South African Afrikaner architects of apartheid, and fundamentalist white Christians belonging to the racist and militaristic John Birch Society. Pinochet hosted the week long event which was also sponsored by the CIA.

The Weather Weapon of Mass Destruction was created in Chile very similar to when the United States created the AIDS virus in a super secret laboratory off the coast of long Island to be used as a weapon of genocide on Haiti, Africa, and places like Harlem and the South Bronx where people of color live.

With this in mind and using blueprints that were smuggled out of Germany before Gobbles death, the Miami Nazi Mafia was able to re-adapt the Nazi Propaganda Minister’s blueprint to slander Jews and use it instead on people of color. For instance, according to Rachel Baumgarden and Rebecca Goldstein of the Wymin’s Social Justice Southern Coalition of Justice, Peace and Fairness in the Media Project, there were no black looters in New Orleans, but in fact packs of Miami Cuban Mafiosi in black face.

It all worked this way. After creating Katrina with their weather machine, and using Radio Marti jamming devices that successfully jammed radio and TV signals in the mostly black ghettos of New Orleans, so that blacks would not receive warnings that they should evacuate the city [this is why only whites left en masse]. The operation of terror was orchestrated and carried out in a secret bunker in Miami’s infamous Little Havana neighborhood were a great majority of Batista’s henchmen took up residence after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution that expelled all reactionary elements. Batista henchman Otto Reich was the main project manager for the Cuban Americans.

Cuban exile racist elements then dressed in black face and started breaking into electronic stores and stealing computers, camcorder cameras, CD Players and plasma TVs in plain view of the media thus not only killing thousands of people of color, but also, slandering the survivors pf color as looters, criminals, rapists, and even in a couple of accounts – cannibals!

In 2004 it was already determined that the secret weather weapon was to be directed at poor Louisiana and Southern Afro Americans who mostly voted for Gore and Kerry in the last presidential elections. Also as a weapon of genocide, it would be used against the brown-skinned populations as a way of racially cleaning the American social fabric of what Miami Cuban Mafiosi and the fundamentalist Christian religious right saw as undesirable elements in society. Both the Cuban Miami mafia and Christian fundamentalist had their reasons for using the terror weapon against Afro Americans. For the white Cuban American gangsters they viewed the weather weapon as a way to get back at the large percentage of Afro Americans who have always held Commandante Fidel Castro in high esteem as a liberator of colored people around the world. The Cuban Americans along with the Christian religious right also saw the weapon as a cleansing devise designed to eradicate the growing popularity of Afro American urban culture within society. In her groundbreaking study of Miami Cuban criminals, (The Cuban KKK in America) Dr. Mindy Shroumberg has stated that white Miami Cubans were concerned that their white European way of life was being taken over by American blacks who infested their children’s minds with vagrancy, prison culture, rap music, socialism by way of public assistance, and general promiscuity that got many Cuban American daughters pregnant with mixed breed offspring.

The Cuban Americans were also behind Katrina because they basically wanted to clear the greater New Orleans area of blacks in order to level the whole place and start colonies or enclaves where a new Cuban American master race could form homelands very similar to the white ruled zones in South Africa. The Cuban Americans also planned to obtain valuable prime real estate in order to sell it back to the Federal government as well as the creation of land set aside for nuclear power plants and jails to accommodate the Bush administration’s military prison industrial complex.

The levies and dams of New Orleans were not destroyed by natural forces but by explosive devices set off by members of the Cuban American terror group Alpha 66 commandos to further expedite the genocide and disaster. Before this could happen the Bush administration removed more than 3/4 of the Louisiana National Guard and sent them to the Middle East so they could not help out once the disaster happened.

The CIA, Bush administration, and Miami Cuban gangsters also used the weather weapon as a way to burn Louisiana’s Democrat female governor for her pro-abortion stance and for attempting to break the United States blockade of Cuba when the governor wanted to sell produce and farm machinery to Fidel Castro. As you know, Cuban American gangsters from Miami have hijacked American foreign policy regarding Cuba, and as specially trained CIA terrorists and agit prop commandos they have unleashed many acts of revenge and terror on moderate and progressive elements who have wished to bring Cuba and the United States together in peaceful personhood.

Anonymous said...

Cuban Americans in their never-ending lust to acquire property, displace poor people of color, and colonize real estate to appease their Zionist like obsessions have devised a sinister plan to further change the demographics of South Florida. The top ten Cuban crime families signed a pact with the head Grand Wizards of the KKK to produce sodas that would render men of color, especially African American males sterile and impotent. This plan if carried out would see generations of persons of color die out without producing offsprings. This would insure that the children of the Cuban American gangsters would acquire large areas in Miami that formally belonged to poor people of color. This valuable real estate could then be used like Zionists use areas where Palestinians have been displaced, or the areas could produce lucrative profits for the Cubans aristos who in turn would develop it with luxury million dollar plus condos or sell it to the Bush administration's military industrial complex to build more prisons to house men of color or to build military bases in South Florida to carry out the republican "final solution" on the island of Cuba via a military invasion .

not Alisa said...

It's worse than that my friend, Cuban Americans killed Abraham Lincoln. In the future they will invent a time machine with their dirty mafia money and then travel back in time to hire John Wilkes Booth to do the job. If you don't believe me, check out wikipedia. It's the only source I trust because it's edited by the proletariats.