Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So here I am at Barnes & Noble in Kendall for my big book signing and guess what? They don't have any copies of my new book Make Him Feel Good. Can you believe the incompetence? Didn't somebody tell these dimwits that the The Reina Dirty was coming? This trip is turning into a total disaster. Not only that, I'm hearing that the problem is chain-wide. Why can't people just do their jobs. When a best-selling author needs to get her shit to market, she needs to get her shit market. Heads are going to roll I guarantee it. This chica has had enough of this crap.

So what I am supposed to do at the book signing? Sit around with my thumb up my ample backside? Thank God I always travel with a couple of boxes of 8 x 10 glossies of myself. At least I can sign those. The store said they'd give out rainchecks to the people that show up. Minor fucking league. I'm calling for a boycott of all Barnes & Noble stores. You hear me chicas, no more B&N. It's amazon or Borders or whatever as long as it's not Barnes & Noble. I don't care if you live around the corner from them.

Let me get going, just thinking about this grave injustice is making smoke come out of my ears. This is a male conspiracy to keep a strong woman down. More on this later...

Not Alisa


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you are not blaming those intransigent cubans of the Miami Mafia!

Anonymous said...

Men are such pigs. But I rilly rilly like Ian Wright from Animal Planet. Because some pigs are more equal than others.

Ciao down!