Sunday, April 23, 2006

A slap in the face!

By now, my darlings, you all know about how I was dissed by the Miami Herald, which refused to do a feature on me and my new book "Make Him Feel Good" despite the fact that it's set in Miami and that I have many Miami readers and despite the fact that I'm a best selling author and one of Time Magazine's 25 most influential Hispanics.

Well guess what, they just ran another piece on Val (obsessed with Cuba) Prieto. Something about his little retreat on Snapper Creek called ManCamp. "Snapper Creek" talk about a euphemism, it's a canal.

Why doesn't it surprise me that Val Prieto likes to swig beer and watch sports and fish with his right wing Nazi buddies on the banks of a canal in "la SouWesera" So they can dedicate all of those fucking column inches to that neanderthal and can't do the same for me, the reina dirty?

It makes me want to scream!

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Pepita Cocha-Menendez said...

I agree so totally, Alisa. Like, calling this Val person a neanderthal is insulting to our distant ancestors. The Miami Herald doesn't have a clue about the brilliance of your writing and your devotion to the Latino race. They are Nazis! Every one of them!

(P.S., who was that cute lawyer from Coral Gables that was standing behind Val? He's very hot!)