Friday, September 07, 2007

Noam Chomsky ... You'll Never Guess Who Else Likes Him


When I was a little girl, I used to sit on daddy's lap before bedtime and instead of having to listen to insipid fucking rightwing Miami Cuban propaganda, like The Three Bears, my dad read me the Collected Writings Of Noam Chomsky each night. It's how I got smart.

Smart enough for Chicana cholas to want to torment me, that's for fucking sure.

Well you wouldn't believe who else reads Chomsky and feels the same way I do about George fucking Bush - Osama Bin Laden!

Girls, isn't it time we rethought Osama Bin Laden? I know it's not something the hoi polloi would understand, but might he not be ... misunderstood? I mean, he reads Chomsky, my childhood manqué, the man who would have given us a Better World had the rightwingers not been so fucking evil. It must mean something. It has to be good. As you know, 9/11 was all a plot by Bush and the rightwing Cuban Nazis, I saw it on ScrewLooseChange myself. It all goes to show that Bin Laden is really a misunderstood higher being above us all.

Sort of like myself, I'm always being misunderstood. All I can say is let's keep an open mind about him. Hear that? Open minded! As in fucking Open-Minded Writers. Bin Laden does read Chomsky. He might even like my books too!

Not Alisa

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not alisa said...

girls i must confes. i read noam chomsky at night right after hannity-colmes goes off the air (darn you fox news channel). god just thinking about that preppy dough boy hannity makes me so horny. he can rant into me any time.